Collio is located at the extreme eastern edge of the region in the province of Gorizia on the border of Slovenia. A Splendid area doted with small villages and vineyards. A premium-quality wine area, the Collio was one of the first in Italy to be recognised, in 1968, as a Denominazione d’Origine Controllata, or DOC zone.


Gorizia has a harmonic historic centre with medieval, bizarre and nineteenth century architecture. The medieval castle, with its well preserved village is a real gem to the town.   From the castle it is possible to view the entire city.
Slovenia is near by, Gorizia and Nova Gorica have now become more or less one city.
The Santo Spirito Gothic Church and the local museums offer visitors an interesting view  of the events of the Great war and a review of important archaeological findings.

Places to visit:

• The Castle
• The Church of Santo Sprito
• The History and Art Museum
• The War Museum
• The Cathedral
• The Church of Sant' Ignazio
• The Church of the Immacolata
• The Cathedral
• Oslavia Military cemetry